7 gifts for a christening they will cherish for a lifetime

7 gifts for a christening they will cherish for a lifetime

Celebrating a christening and choosing meaningful christening gifts can be difficult to navigate. Should the gifts be baby gifts or religious gifts? Are gifts expected from godparents and parents as well as family and friends? While every family celebrates this occasion differently, it's usually an event to honour a child's acceptance and blessing by the church. There are a few general rules and etiquette reminders to consider though when shopping for gifts.

Not every christening calls for gifts. Some parents expressly state in the invitation to skip gifts altogether. If there isn't a note discouraging gifts on the invite, it's probably a good idea to get a small present for the event.

Christening gifts from godparents

A godparent is a special person chosen by parents to help with the upbringing of a child, especially in a religious way. Christening gifts from godparents can be religious in nature or a special keepsake for the newly-christened child to appreciate as they grow older. Traditionally, silver items were considered appropriate christening gifts but many options are now available to cater to a family’s tastes and preferences.

Christening gifts from godparents are typically more personalised than other presents, considering the godparents' special roles. Something with the baby's name on it can make a gift more personal and sentimental as gifts from the godparents are very likely to be on display in the child's room or around the home.

Christening gifts from family and friends

A christening can be an important milestone for new parents as well as their children. Many parents commemorate the christening with thoughtful personalised gifts that make a timeless present that honours the joy of the christening day.

Host parents may choose to give something to the godparents but this doesn't need to be expensive, it should just be special and specific to the relationship.

If you are a member of the wider family or a family friend who is attending a christening, there's no need to gift something overly expensive or religious. Even just a thoughtful card can be impactful.

If you are looking for christening gifts, look no further than the list below.

keepsake box

Keepsake memory box

Personalised memory boxes with the child's name and birth details are perfect if you are looking for an extra special christening gift. Keepsake boxes will be cherished and filled with mementoes over the years.

guest book

Christening guest book

A pretty guest book is a lovely place for guests to write comments and advice for the little one on their special day. It can be personalised with the name and the event date to make it a special keepsake to look fondly back on over the years.

money box

Money box

A money box, personalised with the child's name, christening details and a personal message is a practical christening gift. A well-designed wooden money box makes a delightful alternative to traditional silver.


Scented candle

 A gorgeous scented candle is a thoughtful keepsake to give to godparents. Personalise the candle with the christening date and child’s name for a particularly unique present.


Personalised flower vase

An attractive and unique vase is a special piece of decoration that adds beauty to any room in which it is placed. Personalised with the name and christening date, it becomes a lasting reminder of the christening day.

handing heart

Hanging heart

A lovely white wooden hanging heart, with the child's name and christening date, makes a thoughtful christening gift sure to brighten up any room in the house.

Christmas bauble

Keepsake Christmas bauble

A stunning handmade Christening keepsake bauble is a festive tribute to any child. Our baubles are handmade in our studio allowing us to personalise the hanging star making it extra special. A stunning way to mark the very special Christening of your little one.
With so many options, be sure to choose a sentimental keepsake that reflects the special relationship you have with the child or family.
And enjoy the celebrations!

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