Our Story

Where do we begin? So much to tell and sum up who 'we' are...

First question... Lumi? What on earth is Lumi? Lumi is Finnish for 'Snow' - and the big question, why?

In 2018, our family headed to Lapland - myself (Frances), my husband (Oly) and our then 8 year old daughter (Leah) to visit the big guy in red himself. The plane landed, and our hearts were taken - a beautiful country, steeped in tradition and family values. Snow falling like glitter and smiles so big, bigger than we ever thought possible - the joy on our daughter's face was priceless.
That snow, that 'Lumi', holds such a special place in our hearts and reflects our ethos as a family, which is directly then carried through to our business. Love Lumi was created to directly reflect our passion and dedication to creating gifts that will both celebrate and resonate with those that mean the most to you.
Whether it be for a new baby, a newly married couple, for your own wedding to show your guests how your vision is presented on your special day, or to send a heartfelt keepsake at a time of loss - every product we create is designed and created by a member of our equally dedicated team. 
Love Lumi has been created from our family, and continues to be carried forward by us and our wonderful team. We are not new - we have been creating and designing since 2006 since I began creating wedding stationery (I still have a folder of samples to remind me of how it started!) around a university course.
Love Lumi is our next chapter, previously Dreams to Reality, that represents our business now, and for the future. We will keep on creating, keep on seeking something different and extra special.

With much love
Frances and all the team at Lumi