Bamboo Fairy Children's Rubber Suction Non Slip Dining Plate-Love Lumi Ltd

Bamboo Fairy Children's Rubber Suction Non Slip Dining Plate

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This gorgeous Bamboo toddler plate is a perfect addition for meal times with your little one!

The base of the plate has a removable rubber suction cup to hold the plate still as your little one enjoys their food.

With 3 handy compartments, it is a great way to separate the food during weaning so they can enjoy each food individually.

The plate is personalised with your child's name with a sweet Fairy illustration engraved via our laser machine. The design is engraved, not printed / vinyl, making it durable and safe to be eaten from

**PLEASE NOTE: the plate will need a thorough wash in hot soapy water before first use to remove any laser residue**

Made from bamboo it is food safe and naturally anti-bacterial making it perfect for children's plates with the added feature of being environmentally friendly.

Please note the bamboo is a completely natural product and so the grains will vary in shade and as a result the engraved lettering may vary from lighter to darker shades, this is the feature of bamboo.